About Us

What is Jobmarkert.com?

Jobmarkert is one of the largest online marketing hubs which promotes Job vacancies. It is a place for people who seek a qualified job and looking for their dream job. This website is uniquely designed for people to find jobs in Sri Lanka.

Consumers can easily get access to browse and view all their jobs using different categories. They also have access to view the details of the companies under the profile section to check the publisher too.

How does it work?

Are you a job seeker? We have different portals for the companies listed under different categories showing their job vacancies.

If you are a job seeker the website consists of job vacancies of both Government, Banks & Private Limited Companies.

Target audience?

This is a unique website for everyone who loves their Dream Job and the best place to find the correct path. Whether you are a school leaver or a graduate, visit our site and grab your dream job opportunity. It is your choice that makes the difference.

Why us?

As we all know, today we have thousands of sites to find job vacancies. Are they all real? Just take a moment and think. My friend, we are not trying here to show the mistakes and shortcomings of other places. This is about your life. Your future and future of all your loved ones depend on this decision you take today. So make the right choice. We, as Jobmarkert.com are here to provide you a helping hand. So just try it once and feel the difference. Then decide.

Our vision

Our vision is to provide the best opportunities to people and to make the